Transforming The Fique Industry

The visit of the municipalities on April 20, 2024


Ecofique would like to share with all of you the visit we had on Saturday, April 20, to the municipalities of Caldono, Pioya, Aguada and San Lorenzo in the department of Cauca at our Versalles – Valle transformation plant.

On this important day we were fortunate to have the company of some representatives of the mayor’s office and the Municipal Agricultural Technical Assistance Unit, “UMATA” of Versalles, whom we thank for their commitment and availability to the development of the municipality.

From the department of Cauca we were accompanied by indigenous governors, fique producers, students, among others with approximately 100 people, and the media outlet of the Cauca Valley CNC was also present, who conducted some satisfactory interviews that we hope you can get to know today.