Ecofique SAS Colombia is
a legally registered Colombian company
which has the exclusive rights of the name

Welcome to EcoFique

What can we do for you ?

We are located in Colombia and have and are involved with Organic Farming of Fruits & Vegetables; with increased output and with higher nutritional values.

EcoFique is continuously developing and seeking strategic partners as we grow.

EcoFique produces organic products for agriculture which will help improve the environment!

EcoFique adheres to the principles of a circular economy.

EcoFique R&D organization and operations are based on 100% organic, ecological, production in balance with nature and the environment.

Reducing and replacing the use of dangerous chemical products in today’s agriculture.

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Willem Janssen


We provide solutions for the crushing of fique and its agro-industrial potential, delivering a broad portfolio of machinery and equipment, inputs for agriculture, raw materials, derivatives and additives for various sectors of the industry supported by triple impact.


We want to be recognized for:
To be leaders in the development of machinery, equipment and processes for the fique agro-industry.
Increase the participation of derivatives in national markets.
Maintain a culture of innovation, research & development.
Our ability to contribute to the sustainable growth of the communities where we operate.


We are licensed as producer of the following agro products :
Saponins, Glucosides, Surfectants, Animal Concentrate Additives, Organic Fertilizer, Organic Fungicide, Organic Nematicide, Organic Pesticide, Soil Stabilizer, Foaming Agents

What Ecofique is all about will be explained
by Willem Janssen in the video below.

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